Paul Lockett


This page enables you to listen to a range of radio stations. Just choose one from the drop down menu below and it should start playing within a few seconds, assuming you have a quality browser such as Firefox with a plugin for a good media player such as VLC. Where there is a choice of formats, I favour Ogg Vorbis, which can be played through an embedded Java applet, so you don't even need to have a media player. If you launch an Ogg stream, the page will attempt to play it using a plug-in first. If this doesn't work, click the button which says "Play Using Cortado Java Applet" and if you have Java installed, it should ask you to confirm that you are happy to use the Cortado applet, after which, the stream will play. To stop the player, just select "stop" from the top of the drop down menu.

There is also an xspf file containing a playlist of the stations, if you wish to import them into a music player.

You can re-use the code in this page under the terms of the Mozilla Public Licence v2.0. See the licence notice in the source of the page for more details.

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