Paul Lockett

Web Apps


I occasionally write small web apps. On the off-chance that somebody might find them useful, I put some of them on my Web Apps page and make them available under a free and open source software licence.

The apps include a run recorder, a radio player, a day of the week finder, a Morse Code translator, an APR calculator and a number of vote counters.



If I go out cycling or walking, I'll often take a GPS unit with me to record the route as a GPX file. If it's an interesting route, I'll post it on the routes page, where you can download the GPX, or view it on a map, along with any photos I might have taken en route.

photograph 0


: When I'm out and about, I like to take photos. You can view some of the photos I particularly like, on a map. If you click on the thumbnails, it will show larger versions of the pictures. In areas where I've taken a few photos, the thumbnails might overlap, so you might have to zoom in to see them clearly. This slideshow is made up of a selection of the photographs on the map. I also put photos on Geograph, which is a project to photograph every square kilometre of Great Britain. You can also view my Geograph photos on a map if you wish.

Creative Commons License The photographs on Geograph and the photos linked to above can be reused under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.